Press Release – Ascend Nightclub

Boston, MA – Umbria Prime restaurant has revamped the nightclub housed on the upper 3 floors of the establishment.

Presenting ASCEND Nightclub: the next era in intelligent nightlife.
ASCEND launches with two fully branded weekend nights. Fridays are “Atomic” a night that scouts aspiring acts in the bass and trap music community ( Saturdays are home to “DEEPER” a party featuring some of the worlds largest deep and tech house acts along with exclusive sets by EDM artists not traditionally known for such sound ( ASCEND will strive to expose the Boston community to sub-genre EDM and push the envelope with forward thinking music of all types, steering away from the cliché commercial EDM that has saturated the market.

Ascend Nightclub upgrades feature a Fulcrum Acoustic, sound system and an awe inspiring LED Madrix lighting system to add a next level audio and visual experience.

Ascend Nightclub (Formerly Prime Boston)
295 Franklin Street
Boston, MA 02110
Open Friday and Saturdays from 10pm-2am

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